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allo [Jun. 8th, 2006|08:26 pm]
Write something


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thought i'd post my lil short story here.

vampire story. a bit vulgar(sexual content/cussing/blood etc)

Limithra Mortayoo sighed happily as she pulled her white altima into her driveway.
“Home at last, Phaedra-love,” she crooned to her car as she turned off the ignition. The tired car went silent, the headlights dimming. Limithra patted the dashboard tenderly. Over in the distance, the sky was getting faintly light. 30 minutes until sunrise.
“I’m gonna sleep, too,” she said, getting out and heading for the door of her studio apartment. A rustling in the trees caught her attention. A silver furry blur shot out of the woods and pounced on her. Fangs and an eager tongue were close to her face. The wolf-malamute hybrid wagged his tail as he bathed Limithra’s face in tender kisses. Limithra threw her arms around his furry neck, hugging him happily.
“Love you, too, Fenris,” she said. They got up and went into the apartment, Fenris immediately leaping on the end of Limithra’s bed. He watched, his ears pricked forward, and his head cocked as Limithra unpacked. He let out a plaintive whine, his tail wagging hopefully. Limithra smiled, patting his head as she unbraided her long black hair. She changed silently into a nightgown. She was brushing her hair as a knock sounded at the door. Fenris snarled in annoyance, and Limithra rolled her eyes in similar concurrence.
“Go away, Brian,” she snarled, sounding like Fenris.
“Please let me talk to you,” came her ex’s plaintive plea.
“Tomorrow. I’ve been driving for ten hours. I’m sleeping.”
“Let me sleep with you! We’ll talk as we fall asleep!”
“Still trying? Go away!” she roared, eyeing the front door, making sure it was dead bolted. Brian wasn’t the only threat she didn’t want coming in whilst she slept.
“Limithra, please!”
“Don’t make me sic Fenris on you!” she threatened. Fenris cocked his head, and looked at her hopefully, his tail a blur, and his mouth open in a gape grin.
“Promise you’ll talk to me tomorrow?”
“If I throw a fucking stick, will you go away?” she yelled. She slipped into bed, underneath her luxurious down and velvet blanket. Fenris lay in the empty spot next to her, and she rolled onto her side and threw an arm over his furry neck.
“’Night Fenris,” she muttered, and fell asleep quickly, tired by her trip.
Outside, after staring longingly at Limithra’s door, Brian finally went back into his apartment. As his lights turned out shortly, huge shapes materialized out of the darkness, prowling about Limithra’s car, scenting the air, as though searching for something. A lean shadow dropped from the darkness of the overhanging branches of an ancient oak tree. The shapes growled, edging in, challenging the newcomer, but red eyes flashed at them warningly, and the air intensified with the waves of a supernatural aura. The creatures of shadow flinched, and disappeared into the fading night. The figure made a noise of impatience.
“Hellhounds. But why, and how? And why here?” he mused. He made his way to the window of Limithra’s bedroom. The windowsill was littered with scrying stones, and the dresser was cluttered with paranormal literature, tarot cards and rune sets. Candles were on every horizontal in the room. A Ouija board was on her nightstand, sitting under a handwritten observation book. He also noticed a book on the dresser full of encoded messages.
“….METAR KBIX 031155Z 27035G55KT 1/2SM +TSRA +FC OVC005CB 15/13 A2987 RMK +FC OCNL LTG ICCC OHD TS OHD MOV E SLP079 60045 70125 53025”
He shook his head, trying to make sense of it, but had no idea what it was even about.
“An occultist, exorcist?” he muttered. He looked at the young woman sleeping on the bed, hugging a giant pony sized hybrid. A content smile was spreading across her full lips, her long black hair spread across her pillow like silk. Her nightgown was hiked up to her hips, revealing smooth inviting thighs, toned calves and exquisite ankles. The arms thrown around her fuzzy companion were toned and smooth. Though her body was at its prime of womanhood, with a slender waist, curving hips and a good sized bust, she still had the delicate virgin chill that clung to her like winter clings to spring, a trait that would make any man look twice. A true rarity. The straps of her nightgown had slid off her shoulders, revealing the perfect sculpture of her shoulders, clavicle, and arch of her throat. Daemon Vitraek was an appreciator of human beauty and this female was a perfect specimen. His mouth practically watered at the sight of her throat. Daemon looked away, wiping the corner of his mouth and shaking his head, then disappeared into the beginnings of dawn.

Limithra awoke at sunset, Fenris nosing the small of her back with his cold nose.
“Fenris, silly… quit it…,” she moaned, swatting the air lazily. Fenris sat on his haunches and barked.
“Alright, alright, I’m up, I’m up,” she groaned, pulling herself up, sliding the straps of her nightgown back onto her shoulders. She trudged to the front door and let Fenris out. He ran to her car, and began sniffing the ground, the fur along his back raised, his hackles bristled. A deep frightening growl rumbled from deep inside his chest. Limithra felt as though she had swallowed ice.
“What is it, hon?” she asked nervously, afraid she already knew the answer.
Fenris looked up at her with his ice blue eyes, his expression forlorn. He walked around her, rubbing his flanks against her hips, whining softly. In the dust of the driveway, were strange and huge tracks. The forelegs looked to be paws, but with splayed toes and huge claws, and the hind legs looked to be a mixture of hoof and claw. Limithra’s heart skipped a beat.
Fenris bolted to the window, sniffing eagerly at the ground. His tail wagged, and the bristling fur along his spine returned to its normal happy fluffiness. Limithra approached her lupine companion.
“What is it, babe?” she asked, lifting her eyebrows in concern. Fenris barked happily, his tail a blur as he stood over boot prints in the dirt. Limithra laid a hand on his shoulder, entwining her fingers in his thick ruff.
“They’re not Brian’s….you’re not snarling….” she said, trailing off as her imagination took off….some stranger standing at her window, watching her sleep, imagining about sick twisted things to do to her…. She shuddered. Fenris nosed her back, rubbing his cheek on her waist.
“It’s okay, Fenris,” she said. “I have to go out with Estelle tonight, ‘kay? Go play. And don’t go hurting Brian if he comes out.” she added.
Fenris let out a sullen whine, licked her hand, and bounded off to the edge of the woods. He cast a farewell look to Limithra, then his hackles rose, and his pupils became mere slits, as he howled fiercely, then lowered his head and stalked into the trees. He had gone into hunting mode, and was going to kill up some supper. Limithra smiled, knowing if Fenris wasn’t too hungry, she would find venison on her doorstep in the morning. She went back into the apartment to get ready to go out with Estelle. Estelle had found a new promise of paranormal activity, and said it was life changing.

“So, hellhounds, huh?” Estelle asked, turning the Mustang onto highway 27.
“Yeah. At least two. Circling my car.” Limithra replied. Estelle whistled.
“So tell me about this place.” Limithra said.
Estelle’s face turned the color and texture of paraffin, as though a vampire had drained her.
“It’s bad. Real bad,” she said. “Remember that cult? They’re back.”
She cast a pleading look at Limithra.
“Um….do we have to do this tonight? It’s five days before the full moon. HEY! Why don’t we go to the dairy? You know we always have fun at the dairy!!! Woodhaven dairy!!! Let’s go there!!!”
Limithra shook her head.
“I may be primarily a meteorologist, but I am paranormal investigator. It’s my duty. Tell me about it.” she demanded.
Estelle sighed, pulling onto thirteen.
“It’s a barely noticeable road off of Thompson, roped off. It has to do with the disappearance of white and black pets and livestock. Mainly the ones that were very young. Kittens, calves, puppies and foals and kids- err goat kids…”
“It may be the Followers of Lucifer,” Limithra said, biting her lip. Years ago, a cult had plagued the small town of Fairhope, sacrificing “virgin” animals, trying to summon their vampire god. A paranormal expert named Zach Darby, along with Exorcist George Santos, and Estelle Patterson, Limithra’s best friend, a powerful psychic and fire adept, had banished them, but in the trio’s absence due to college, the cult had returned. Limithra had not had a part in banishing the cult, due to exhausting herself putting one of the most powerful barriers she had ever constructed on Woodhaven Dairy, a place where a rift between the Otherworld and the living had been torn. Limithra herself was a powerful fire oriented magic user, almost on the same level as Estelle, but she was not an Adept, nor could she be one. Comparing magic users and Adepts was like comparing an osprey and a falcon. Same general family, but different species. Estelle stopped the car. The streetlights outside abruptly went out, plunging the street into darkness. Estelle looked at Limithra nervously.
“I told you. This place is being run by other Adepts and Magic users, not to mention users of blood magic and Shadow Talkers.”
Shadow Talkers- rare Gifted that could talk with the dead that wandered the earth and could get them to do their bidding. They could also use the energies of sacrificed dead and twist it into horrible barrier spells that could make trespassers go mad. Limithra could feel such a spell warping around the entrance to the barely visible path in the woods, tied off with a moldy rope. Limithra steeled herself, and got out of the car, wrapping her mind in a steel wall to prevent the spell from causing the madness the Shadow Talker had intended. She could feel it cold and hateful, twisting in icy tendrils about her, trying to violate her mind as she approached the rope. She turned to Estelle. Estelle only shook her head.
“I had to have holy water poured on me to get my convulsions to stop. I love you, you know this, but I cannot go this time. I’ll stay here, but I won’t go in. This is as far as I go.” she said.
Limithra nodded, her mind made up. As she turned, Estelle called out.
“Please reconsider. Let’s come back during the day.”
“No. I need to do this.” Limithra said.


[User Picture]From: the_bashar
2006-06-09 04:02 am (UTC)
mind fixing the lj cut?
great story
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: isteillia
2006-06-09 03:39 pm (UTC)
my bad.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: the_bashar
2006-06-10 03:46 am (UTC)
thanks, looks good
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: isteillia
2006-06-11 10:39 am (UTC)
i know right? lol. based somewhat on real life events. lol
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: the_bashar
2006-06-11 10:42 am (UTC)
we have some of the best lives for story telling
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