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finally got it done [Jun. 9th, 2006|10:42 pm]
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[music |Eletric 6--Danger High Voltage!]

General Fyadora of the United Home Defense League stood on the bridge of his newly constructed heavy missel cruiser, one of the two largest ships in the newly commissioned fleet. The other, his own sister ship, sat of the port bow. And before both ships the rest of the fleet paraded before him making a fine example of themselves. Beyond them the defense fleet sat with the grand master on board his own flagship. Below sat their home world, the only inhabitable planet within 2 parsec’s. A jewel set in a sea of emptiness, a jewel that had to protected at all cost. It had to be protected from the xeno threat which had revealed itself 6 months ago when an single alien ship had, in a matter of hours, wiped out all 5 of the outer colonies. In one moment 2 million human lives had ended and only the defense fleet was left to protect the planet. But the xeno did no attack, no instead they sat ignoring all communication and destroying all who came near. But now, with this new fleet, Fyadora was more then confident that they would be able to repel the xeno. Almost 30,000 men of arms on 300 ships, ships 200 meters long. Armed with the latest technology, missiles with the best guidance systems, and biggest warheads. So much mass floated in space that the tides of the planet fluctuated in an unnatural state.
The flashes in the distance where hardly noticed, but thankfully a young(and bored) second lieutenant did see them. Fyadora had not believed that FTL travel was possible, but it seemed that the xeno did. Battle stations were called and the ships formed up, the picket ships sent in there findings. 50 xeno ships, did not sound so bad if it weren’t for the fact that at least half were 3 kilometers long or larger. the largest had point and was at least 15 kilometers long. Fyadora did not know whether to curse his luck or to count his blessings, either way the battle would begin soon. Over the radio he cried out reminding his men that they fought for harth and home, that they fought for freedom and peace. With that the battle was joined, Fyadoras ships ignited missiles with in there holds and then spat them out with care fully timed doors. Streams of munitions speed towards the xeno and were destroyed as a hail of flack rose to oppose them. The xeno returned fire with a mix of shells and green flame. Both munitions tore through Fyadoras fleet, leaving destruction in there wake. Ships imploded and collapsed upon themselves, bodies were vented into space.
Gritting his teeth Fyadora ordered his last hope, and two 50 megaton nuclear warheads launched. The remainder of his fleet fired another salvo in the hopes of destroying the fields of flack so the nukes could get through. Flashes of light filled the dark sky as the missiles detonated in fireballs that were extinguished immediately in the vacuum of space. Both nukes hit there target and two bright balls of burning plasma engulfed the largest of the xeno ships. For a moment the two false suns burned in the midst of the enemy fleet, those closets to fiery balls glisten in a blue glow that seemed to surround them. The balls of flame faded and Fyadora felt his heart sink, none of the xeno ships appeared damaged at all. As he watched one of the ships disappeared and there was a flash to port. The ship must have been 10 kilometers long it had three large turrets on the bottom of its hold and there more on the top. Fyadora could not help but notice that the turrets on the bottom were pointed in his direction, while the turrets on top seemed to be pointed towards–.
Six fiery bolts of plasma ripped through the Generals ship, one of which obliterated the still think generale. Half of the ships mass was disintegrated by the broadside and what was left vented it self into space. The ship, which was once alive with a buzz of human activity, now floated dead in space as 5 piece of debris. A few kilometers away another ship of the same dimensions sat in the exact same state. And in-between the two sat a massive warship which continued to wreak havoc on the remainder of the United Home Defense League.

i know, it sounds alot like warhammer, but thats just because i borrowed xeno from them. i am going to have to make a post just to explain the tech in this universe, but it can wait for another day.
i plan for this to be my primmary universe, most of my dreams and running thoughts take place here. this particular story take places toward the universes end, but it more interesting than most what i have thought up.

[User Picture]From: isteillia
2006-06-11 10:26 am (UTC)
man you said xeno and i thought shmecksee aliens...pretty good tho.
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