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yuck [Jun. 20th, 2006|06:04 pm]
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i hate dialogue

Thomas, the fifth son of Durhan Lord Duke of the Luminous system, stood on the bridge of his battle cruiser–The Sky Wander. The battle was almost over and already his elder brother was positioning his battleship so that he could begin the planetary bombardment. The volumetric display showed numerous carries and supply ships jumping into the system, all of which carried troops and supplies for the long ground war and occupation. Omicron, the last planet the Durhan family had reclaimed in the name of the empire had been able to hold out for 80 years. A single shuttle, under fighter escort, leaving the Jormungander, Thomas knew that this was his brother, ready to quiz him on the battle and the up coming occupation, and that he had not long to prepare. The halls were a drab grey and busy with human activity, people were excited by the recent victory and there was a buzz in the air that was tiresome in its intensity. Ever where he went Thomas saw salutes and heard “congratulations.” He found the door he wanted and went in, the room was large and was dominated by a table at the far end. Thom had felt someone come in after him, and now he turned to meet this stranger.
“So tell me, what happens after you slaughter them in space? Pray tell what do you do with the billions of people on the planet below, how do you dispense with the masses that you have just conquered?”
“No one has been conquered, they have been freed, freed from their own ignorance. No longer will they have to live in the dark, no they have the light of the kingdom to guide them .”
“If you are freeing them, then why do they fight? Does not everyone want to be free?”
“Because they fear freedom, they do not understand the gift we give them. That is why her majesty has charged us with the enlightenment.”
“And those who die?”
“There will always be sacrifices.”
“It is good to see that you understand that. It makes things so much easier for me, just remember who it is you serve.”
The man was gone, and Thomas was alone with his thoughts. Anger swept through him, for he knew that something had happened and that it concerned him. Yet he did not know what it was, but the sly devil knew. That is why the sly devil had come to him, to test him and...
The door opened and Luke the first born of Durhan entered. And Thomas knew that he was about to find out what was happening.
“To begin, what you did back there during the battle was very stupid. Jumping that close to an enemy vessel, even one as primitive as that...”

2 hours latter the “Sky Traveler” was underway. And while dark matter shells feel and assault carriers holding thousands of planet bound troops, Thomas sat deep with in the bowls of his ship contemplating the fastest route to Talum.