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first post [Jun. 2nd, 2006|09:29 pm]
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[music |Rammstein--Ohne Dich]

I just created this community, and i hope it does better than my other ones. regardless, i expect to be posting here my self on a some what regular bases. i look forward to geting feedback.

by the way, this first story is set in the World of Darkness univers. Most of my stuff should be set in my own univers and of a more sci-fi genre than this. though i do plan on finishing this story.

Calla looked at him through her eyes, and he stood in the doorway looking at max, behind him there was a girl. He wore a sword and a dagger in the samurai style, but the weapons where them selves of a different style. His head turned slightly to the side.
“So some of you are already passed me. Well, I was ordered not to let anyone pass, so I will keep the two of you here. Star, go back and help the others; they have guest.”
Max smiled “Silly man, silly swords will not even slow us down. And girl, if you move I will kill your friend slowly instead of doing it quickly.” As he spoke max let him self change so that he had claws, hair, and strength, but still looked human.
The boy, for that is what she now called him in her mind, simply drew his swrord. If he was afraid he did not show it. Max charged, so did the boy. Max was not known for his speed, but as a wolf it should had been easy for him to dance around this human. Yet it was the human who was dancing, making quick powerful strokes of his sword that looked as though they were nothing but flashes of light. Max was not even trying to attack, indeed it took everything he had not to be hit.
‘No human can be that fast’ Callas mind raced, ‘ what is he? If he were a wolf I could smell it, the sun is only setting so he’s not a vamp, could he be a mage? If he was a mage why not just call down lightning or something?’ She could not stand it, how absurd. But she forced her self to calm down, she could not let her anger take over just yet. Besides, max had gotten the rhythm of the dance and was now throwing in his own attacks.
He, Max, had no weapons but his claws, but those were over kill. Max threw all his weight into the next attack, but the boy ducked. They both tried to take a step back so that they were now back to back, the two of them spun in a circle waiting for the other to make his move. Max, impatient as always, broke first and began to turn to face his opponent. He was not fast enough. The boy had been holding his sword on his lower left side, and the moment that max had stepped away the boy pivoted and brought the weapon up and across catching max in the chest. It was a deep blow, a killing blow...for a human.
Max stumbled backwards gripping his chest, rage flooded his face. “You...you bastard! No one cuts me, what kind of bitch carries a sword anyways,” the wound began to knit itself back together, “I am going to rip your fucking head of now and then I’m going to fuck your tart. I am going to rip her heart out and fuck her there!” Whether it was because of his threat or because she had just noticed that max was healing was unsure, but the girl in the hallway suddenly looked very ill. The boy however, looked unperturbed. Max let the rage overwhelm him, there would be no more wise cracks and insults from, the wit was no longer there. Instead the beast had taken control, 7 feet and 200lbs of hairy muscle and fangs now stood where max had been. Normally the very sight of the beast was enough to send a wolfs foes fleeing. And indeed the girl looked like she might bolt at any moment. But the bow still had that same emotionless look on his face, with his left hand he pushed his glasses up to the top of his nose.
“So, now it becomes difficult.” was all he said. Calla was quite sure that he was mad, that or very stupid. Only one of those could stand before a wolf in gauru form.
With a roar max charged, and this time it was the boy who had trouble keeping up. Even so, max had yet to land a blow, but he was getting closer. And the boy was getting tired, the fight would not last much longer. The boy tripped, pivoted and spun drawing his dagger back hand. He finished the spin so that he faced max again. Max attacked putting a gash across the boys arm, the dagger plunged into maxes chest and a hand gripped a throat. Max squeezed pulled the boy closer to him and roared. The sword seemed to move on its own, it flipped over in the boys hand and then plunged into maxes neck. Calla tried to remake the scene in her mind, but she could not it was nothing but a blur. As she watched the boy utter “in nommine dei” and steped forward drawing the sword sideways. Maxes head fell to the ground and his body slumped to its knees. The boy looked up, he looked her in the eye, and calla new that if she did not win this fight her king would no longer be the hunters. They would become the hunted.