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The beginning [Jun. 8th, 2006|05:48 pm]
Write something

Riders in the dark, consumed by dust and half hidden in shadow. Meet on the plain, 7 in all and while the moonlight broke free from its prison in the sky raining down upon the earth below secret plans they did discuss. For the future of humanity they held, a future they believed to be theirs. In the distance light from the beginnings of a city the first step towards civilization. None of the riders knew how long they had waited, or for that matter what they had waited for. But they could feel, they could sense that it was close. And now they were at the beginnings of the long road that was there destiny. Through fire and brimstone they had come, they had seen the folly of man, and no considered themselves learned for it. Man had lost the right to govern himself, it was their turn now and they would be better rulers than there have ever been.
At length two of the riders broke off and rode towards the distant light. The remainder watched as the shadow consumed there companions and once they were no more, they to broke of into the night. As they rode to there unknown destination one of the five spoke:
“I hope they know what they are doing. I have waited to long, and to trust it all to those two does not strike me as the best of ideas.”
“Hush Michael, we discussed this. They are our best hope. If we wish to save humanity, we must take control while it is still in this infantile stage. And if they fail, trust me they will have an eternity to pay for it.”
The five finished their ride in silence.

The city was surrounded by a large wall with three gates, the two rode to the smallest of the gates where a guard had been bribed to leave the lock open till the riders return. Once in both riders turn for the palace in the center of the city. Neither of the riders would have referred to the building as a “palace,” it was far to small for them to consider it so, but it is what the people of the first city called their largest building. The riders dismounted and leaving their horses in the care of stewards went inside. Once In a large and spacious chamber with locked and barred doors the riders spoke:
“City! These fools dare call this shit hole of a town a city! There cant be more than 200 people in this pathetic hovel.”
“Calm your self Sibella, it may not be as large as the cities we are used to. But it is the largest and most advanced collection of people in over 200 years. And with us to guide its growth it can become a utopian civilization of millions. We have a special opportunity, a chance to save humanity from the hell it will put itself through. Peace is possible, and it is up to us to make it so.”
The two parted and the sun rose the next day and the seven were closer to their goal.